Friday, December 4, 2009


We have been busy....with snow. Kids have been home from school on snow days and we have been busy. I just wanted to post some pics real quick. These are my favorite ornaments this year. That's so hard to say because I have so many favorites actually, but these are very important to me right now.

The kids did a great job decorating. We had very few casualties (broken ornaments) and those that did were superglued. Dad did his part in setting up the train; Reese's favorite part. I am so very blessed for these things in my life.


  1. What special ornaments! They are so beautiful. I love your new header look. It is very pretty.


  2. Love the new look and I love your ornaments! That candle one is awesome. Grabbing your button!

  3. I love your ornaments. After Ethan passed away our family sent us to Monterey for a weekend. I know their hearts were in the right spot but it was awful. i just didn't want to be on a "vacation" so soon. And I didn't feel like laughing. The one thing we did do that weekend was to buy a new Christmas ornament ( like we do each year) It has five frogs...all sitting in a row...frog feet dangling and all of our names...INCLUDING Ethan. We put it up again this year and it made me smile. I feel like he's everything we do as a family. I hope your ornaments always make you smile!!!!

  4. I love the ornaments!!!!