Friday, December 11, 2009

25 Days of Giveaways....My Turn

Tina, at Living Without Sophia and Ellie, had a great idea for helping babyloss moms get through the holidays with a giveaway every day until Christmas. She has put a lot of time and effort into getting this together and I have to admit, my assigned day snuck up on me. I thought I had until next week.....and I've even been checking the giveaway blogs every day! I am not always with it but I have to admit, this project has helped me through this very difficult holiday season. Checking out other blogs, finding new stories I had not come across yet, reading post after post and relating to every story in this community with at least our outcomes in common, and sometimes more.

My giveaway today is for a necklace and some earings that I made. The necklace has light pink and blue pearls and Swarovski's crystals strung on grey silk with a toggle clasp. One thing that has been very comforting to me has been wearing jewelry that signifies or represents my kids or just Chase in some way. This necklace is called "Inspire". I chose this message because this community has been an inspiration to me. I have struggled with faith a lot since losing Chase and there have been several instances when I have read on a blog someone's idea of faith and it has helped me to see Chase or the circumstances surrounding Chase in a different light. I have been comforted reading how other baby loss moms and dads view their angel babies now and can think of my Chase in a very similar way. I have read others' perceptions of God on some blogs that have made sense to me and have allowed me to think of Chase in a religious sense, not just spiritual. I don't have all the answers and everyone has their own opinions, but this blog in this community is a place I can come and discuss my doubts and concerns and anger and whatever else knowing I won't be judged because there are others with very similar feelings.

Also.....! A runner up will receive a necklace with this 25 x 25mm pendant on brown leather with a lobster clasp. It is the Chinese symbol for faith and has the the English word "faith" on the back. (This is the one I didn't have time to make...I have not received the pendant yet.)

To enter this giveaway, leave me a comment and if you feel like it, tell me who or what has inspired you since the loss of your baby(ies). I will choose the winner tonight from so check back tomorrow to see if it is you! If it is, please email me with your address and I will get them shipped out ASAP. Thanks, in advance, for sharing!


  1. beautiful necklace Christy! My boys have inspired me to get back control of my weight and to follow a long held dream of establishing my own stationery business. If the twins were here today- none of that would have happened!

  2. I wanted to tell you that your necklace is beautiful. I don't want to be entered so I can give someone else a chance to win, because I do not believe in the use of silk or leather.
    I wanted to share what inspires me. My famiy, though it is small and missing two important members, gives me strength and inspiration to live life every day. Without my fiance and my dogs, I think life's misery would be unbearable. They inspire me to be happy.

  3. Christy, the necklace is beautiful.
    My family is my greatest inspiration. They are my biggest fans and critics and a constant reminder that we're all in this together.
    I'm also inspired by all of the parents I've encountered in blogland and the amazing things they've done to remember their missing children.

  4. Christy - what a beautiful necklace.
    I have to say the thing that has inspired me the most is this community. I know I am not judged and that I talk about my girls and that there is always someone there to listen.

  5. Hi Christy,
    it's nice to meet you and be introduced to your story. I'm so sorry for your loss. We lost our daughter at birth in March. I hate to be redundant, but I have to agree, I am most inspired by this amazing group of women. I love to see how other women are honoring their babies. So many have also done things to honor my baby, as well. Your necklace is beautiful. What a great way to express yourself and honor Chase!

  6. Thank you for hosting a giveaway! I was amazed at all the comments on my post, I hope you will be too.

  7. Hi Christy!

    Your necklace is so beautiful. I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my son to SIDs at 10wks.
    My inspiration to keep moving on, is to spread the word to Moms and Dads about how to help keep their babies safe from SIDs. In my darkest days, I'm so very glad to reach out and know that all of you guys are out there. That helps me tremendously from my heart.

  8. I too have struggled with faith since losing my daughter. I have never been a religious person - definately spiritual in more of an Earthy sense -but before the death of my daughter I have to admit that I knew pretty much nothing about Christianity. I was so envious of those who were steadfast in their beliefs about Heaven and afterlife, as I struggled to find comfort and peace in something. Reading others' perspectives about their losses has definately inspired me. Without this wonderful community of mamas who have also been through this heartbreaking experience of loss, I can't say that I would have made it this far. I feel that there's no fear or worry that I can't express to my 'loss friends,' no matter how silly or ridiculous it might sound.

  9. hi there...

    I am so sorry to hear about the lost of your precious son Chase. As a babyloss momma myself, my heart aches for you. Since my loss(es), I have been struggling to figure out who I am. I have started a walk to remember in my community, and some memory boxes, but I haven't quite figured out who I am yet. Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi. Will take a look through your blog today.

  10. Beautiful!

    The ladies in my support group have helped me more than anything. They really inspire me..Without them I do not know where I would be.
    nickelpicklemom at gmail dot com

  11. What a beautiful gift. My name is Ashley and I lost my son to a birth defect- congenital diaphragmatic hernia- in March. I have met many wonderful people during this jounry and most of my best friends now are people that i met through the birth of my son. When I first foud out I was pregnant I thanked God for bringing me a son, and while I still don't understand why he couldn't stay here with me, I do know that I found so many people because of him... and I am grateful for that!


  12. What a beautiful gift!

    What helps me everyday get through things is my amazing hubby and my dogs. Honestly, after giving birth to my little angel baby I asked to be released a day early because I just wanted to see my dogs.

    What also inspired me though, and I hope I phrase this right, is the chance to have a living child. When my doctors told me it would be a hard road but one we could definitely try - I focused a lot of energy on preparing to be pregnant again and now that I am, trying to bring home this child.

    Also, all the people I have met along the way have provided so much comfort and understanding.

  13. Another great giveaway!

    My inspiration is definitely my husband. His strength is my strength, and there's not anyone I admire more for the way he handled losing his firstborn.

    Kat @ In Dylan's Memory

  14. complicated question. Though I think most are...

    My answer would be that God inspires me. He gives me the motivation to keep on going. To keep on living. To be the person that He wants me to be. To rise above Nate's death and make something good out of it. To be better and not bitter. To appreciate all that He has given me and treasure it. To know that I will see Nate again.


  15. what a beautiful necklace. Sorry for your loss.
    What inspires me....My husband keeps me going...and picking up little odds and ends from where ever I am that remind me of my little girl.

    Good luck

  16. These are beautiful - you make them? Wow! I really would like to learn to make jewelry - I guess I'll put that on my project list. :)

    So what inspires me? What inspires me to keep going is the knowledge that I will be with Madelyn again one day. This knowledge gives me the desire to draw closer to God, because I know she is with Him, and by being closer to Him, I feel closer to her. I feel this even when I question Him and am angry with Him. Next, my husband inspires me to keep going. He somehow knows and can sense when I am upset or on the verge of tears. He can be in the other room, and it never fails, if I am crying (even silently), he will be there in a matter of moments to wrap me in his arms and sit with me so we can both reflect quietly on how much we miss our daughter. Last, but certainly not least, my daughter Madelyn inspires me. She is no longer here with me, but she gives me the strength to keep going.

  17. a very pretty necklace. I think i have found inspiration from all of the other babylost mama's out there. being able to read about their journies and how they cope(d) with their grief gives me hope that I will be able to cope as well

  18. What lovely gifts! And how nice to have a runner up :) What has inspired me since Jenna died? One of the first things or people that come to mind is Rachel from Waiting for Morning. She was such an inspiration and strong tower as I too was losing faith in what I had put all my hopes and dreams in. Secondly I'd have to give some credit (or a lot) to Carly Marie. My aunt is the one that requested Jenna's name to be written in the sand and soon after I found this blog community and the rest is history :) Lastly it is the strength of all the babyloss mamas that inspires me. It never ceases to amaze me that we get up and breathe everyday after such devastation.

    On a side note, I love your new blog look :)

  19. Hi just checking in to say thanks for visiting my blog and sharing there.

    Hmmm who inspires me - Wife (who is wonderful), son (who forces me to appreciate what I have and in the early days get out of bed in the morning when I could have crawled into a hole), God (who I believe can bring good from bad and gives me hope to see Abigial again in heaven) and...
    ... Abigail inspires me too. I believe her life was not without meaning and she is my families connection to heaven.

    I also find inspiration from meeting others with a similar journey here in the blogging world.

    Is that too many? If I had to pick one, then today I would go for Abigail. Her name means Father's Joy. As her Dad I have known mostly pain. But she inspired me to write a poem after she died and this was the final verse.

    "I will not end with sadness, there's hope in these words I've spoken.
    MY JOY is now the Father's and in heaven nothing's broken
    Just know I dared to love you, and if heaven's rules allow
    I'll hold you close again one day, and forget the pain of now"
    Abigail still inspires me in little ways

  20. Love it Christy!!! My girls inspire me everyday because I am their mommy. Thier lives have changed me in so many ways and have made me a stronger person. Also, this community never ceases to amaze me in all that we do for one antoher, it is very inspiring. Thank you for being a part of the giveaways...I can't wait to see who wins!! xx

  21. As a new babyloss mama, I have to say that the person who inspires me to keep going is my daughter. She's 2 and full of life and if it wasn't for her, I don't know how I would keep going everyday. Even though I lost my little man, she still needs me and that inspires me to be everything I can for her. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blog with us.

  22. What a hard question. I have been inspired to share what CDH is with the community around me. I did a fundraiser in Nov. in memory of Kasey and to raise money for an organization that supports families who have children with CDH. I too have been supported and inspired by my fellow bloggers!