Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yeah, wow, big. Still 5 weeks to go? I am tired, moving slower, trying to be as healthy as I can possibly struggle to be. And most of all, excited as all get out to meet the baby! Been thinking about names a lot:
Girls: natalie or gabrielle or gabriella
Boys: kayce, gage, jaiden, ugh! need more suggestions!
Too tired to think of anything else to write. My brain, like my legs---out of commission!


  1. Wow, Chris, you look stunning. As for that guy in the pic, well, I wish I could say the same about him. :)

  2. You really do look great even though, I know how you feel!
    more boy names: Cody, Cary, Dryver,
    best wishes for some zzzz's.