Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our First "State Meet" Experience

Wow, Emma is only 9 and we are already doing this sports thing...."all the way to state". I told Patric we forgot to soap our windows with cheering phrases like "Take State" or "Beat ____". Ha! That's a joke because we are just laughing at ourselves for getting so "into" our kids' activities at such a young age! What are we setting ourselves up for????? We haven't even gotten to our boy yet!

We headed to Los Alamos this weekend and cheered Emma in her first state swim meet. She had personal best times in 3 of her 4 events and even placed 8th in one of her events! We were super proud of that and even though the entirety of the swim meet, with all the waiting, humidity to endure, loudness and elbow-to-elbow viewing of the events, was pretty much miserable, we had an awesome weekend! You can view her results here. This video is of her 100 Free style. Not the best placement she had, but the other videos are too big to upload....so here you go.....

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