Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fishin' With Dad

Getting to spend time with just one kid at a time has seemed so precious......I guess becuase it is starting to feel like we have too dang many kids hangin' around us! And they ALL want time alone with mom and dad. I do think, though, that it is important. Because life is always so hectic, fast-paced and passes us by at the speed of light so it's best to do what you can whenever you can.....even if it isn't planned. Last Saturday the girls went to a movie with a friend and Reese was feeling pretty special not only to get to go fishing with dad, but that mom was actually going to go fishing, too.

He did have a bit of luck and is reeling one in in this photo. Mom enjoyed watching and taking picutres and dad was in charge of getting the fish to bite. We all had a great time and I was reminded of the compassion my little boy is made up of and it most certainly tugged at my heart strings......The breeze got a little chillier and he asked me if I had a jacket for him and I said no, but that he could have my sweatshirt if he wanted it. He turned around and looked at me, surveyed the situation, asked me if I just had short sleeves on under it and said, "no mom, I don't want YOU to be cold". Now please tell me, please, that this part of him will never change....

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