Sunday, March 8, 2009

Swim Team Banquet & Karly Jo

The girls had their swim team banquet last night. It was a really neat event and the girls both got awards, as did every one on the team. I think it means a lot to get recognized in front of their peers and their family. They both were very proud and it was fun to watch them. The swim organization is a class act and has a great group of swimmers whom are blessed to have a tremendous support group in their parents and volunteer coaches. Click here to check out the team.

I had a very lazy day. In fact, after not getting much sleep last night, I actually slept in until 11 thanks to the time change. I awoke to a barage of emotions, however. My little girl is turning 7 this week and she's my little me. She's my middle child with the middle child syndrome and all but also has the biggest heart and most compassion I think a kid can have. She is always the first to check on me or detect something wrong. She takes care of her brother almost as well as I do and worships her family completely. She's definitely strong-willed, don't get me wrong, and VERY stubborn, but her family means more to her than anything. She is a girly girl, and has a strong flare for fashion, but material things are relatively insignificant. She's easy to buy for because almost anything makes her happy. But my strong emotion this week comes from the fact that she's growing up. I don't know if it is a birth-order bond or what, but she's always been my little buddy and after an entire semester of a LOT of angst of homeschooling her, we finally got over the hump and I treasure every minute I get to spend with her. I feel as if I'm watching her transform before my very eyes. (Check out her senior picture-type pose above.) She has the biggest of shoes to fill already in big sis Emma and her swimming accolades, but Karly is determined not to get lost in it. She is her own person. She is brave. She is courageous. She is strong. She is very indecisive. She is beautiful. And she is growing up fast. And I hope always she stays my little buddy. My coffee shop girl. I love you sweet pea. Happy #7!

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  1. great pics of your middle-buddy. Nice to see your face in the Mart. Best wishes for sleep the next few weeks. hugs