Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reese's Turn!

We have been blessed with some beautiful weather, though today it is windy. Anyway, Reese has been practicing baseball a lot. And when he's not practicing baseball, he's running around kicking the football. I have made myself put my video camera in a very handy place because this little boy is growing up way too fast. For a kid who barely said a handful of words at the age of 2, he sure has made up for it. And there are too many video ops that I have let pass me by. But this weekend I was sure to get this on tape.....for Uncle Mark, who will be helping disect his swing in the near future, for Mr. Patrick, who I know would love to be pitching to him (you wont hurt your arm but you better have quick reflexes!)....for the college scouts in the year 2023....and for me. To never forget my little boy before he grew up...


  1. why does it not surprise me that patric threw the ball at reese and hit him? and then did it again. and then again.

    sorry punk.

  2. if we didn't have Dads or TomBoy Mom's (me), all our kids might be pansies!

    Baby yet? If not, hang tough, you are almost there...