Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear Chase

I miss you Chase. I miss you sooooo much. You had such a bright future, loving parents, fun sisters and a brother awaiting you so patiently. And we miss you. With all our hearts, we miss you. You are almost 2 months old now. I'm sure you would be smiling at us, making noises, watching your sisters and brother run all about the house and listening to all the noises outside. Kate, Spot, Angel and Sundae, and Harold Jr., I can't forget the fish, would all have gotten used to you by now, wanting your attention as well as ours. We would be toting you all around, every where we go. Mom would be holding you, but I'm sure I would have had to let your siblings hold you, too. Way more than the girls held Reese when he came home. We were all so ready to meet you. And when we finally did, we were sad to see you in such dispair. We looked past it, though, and we saw you. Our brother, our son, our little baby boy. You were instantly a part of our family. Even before you were born you were. But to finally get to feel you, see you and smell you, we were so happy you were here. But so sad you were hurt.

Now, when we close our eyes and see you, we see our perfect little Chase, unscathed by medical intervention. Healthy, chubby, smiling, kicking and looking all about. We know you are up there watching us, looking over us, with us wherever we go. We feel your presense. You are in our hearts always. I love you Chase and I miss you. Please, please, please visit me in my dreams. I long to see you again.


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