Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Goodbye Balloon

This print was given to me yesterday by my little sis for Chase's birthday.  I can't say enough about it and her gesture.  Both priceless.  This week is extremely taxing as I'm a single parent while my husband is working his a$$ off for our companies.  So I'm emotional, stressed, busy and tired.  Because I usually am tired these days!  A lot has happened so far this week already and yet I know as the weekend nears, my heart will be busted wide open again, feeling shattered and raw.  This picture, though, just makes me want to stare.  I love looking at it.  It speaks volumes to me.  A balloon for each of us in hand....and one just out of reach, floating away, yet always there.  Letting go....or reaching for it.....It's how I constantly feel about our sweet angel.  

I'm sad.  This month is tough for me....and so many of my friends.  It's how I met them.  This is where I met them.  This is when I met them...three years ago.  I'm thinking of all of you.  I hope you are getting through this month..or these months....just like I am.  With the comforting thoughts of our little ones and the comforting words and gestures of those around us who love us dearly.  



  1. This month is hard :(. Kaels birthday is tomorrow. I cant believe hed of been 4. Im praying for your sweet family this month as well. I love the picture! Amazing

  2. What a perfect picture. Thinking of you this week... xo

  3. I look at the pictures of your kids and I think that I can imagine what Chase might look like. Beautiful, of course. Prayine for you all. Birthday months bring so much fresh grief. So much wishing and longing and aching. Someday, Christy, someday we are going to see them again.

  4. that is a beautiful print. so perfect. am thinking of you, Christy, and your sweet little boy.

  5. The balloon print is beautiful. ((HUGS))