Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas festivities

We are so very busy right now.   Some days I can't believe how hectic things are.  Then the next day seems to be just as if not more hectic and I begin to wonder if things will ever slow down.  Here are some pics of the programs the kids have been performing in.
Reese's Kindergarten Program with Santa afterwards.

The kids at their church program.

I will post this on my other blog but I did want to mention that I had to go to the hospital (here) to get my weekly BPP & NST done here...something I was having some anxiety about since I have not been back to the OB dept since Chase was born.  I had avoided as much of the hospital as I could and was hoping to skip out on this appointment but decided to meet it head on.  I called in the morning to the OB nurse's station to make sure they were expecting me the day of my appointment and the nurse who answered happened to be my nurse I had when I was in labor all day with Chase.  I had not seen her or spoken to her since then and she was the one single person I had secretly wanted to encounter....yet did not want to at the same time.  The day ended up being crazy because one of the kids was sick, the other ended up needing labs done that day, then went on to school, so my plan of not going to this appointment unaccompanied did not pan out...and I needed to just get it over with.  

The ultrasound tech was very nice and she totally caught me off guard by telling me the baby had lots of hair already.  And she showed me how she could tell--that was one of the coolest things I had never seen before.  Then when I went to get my NST done, I was met by my old nurse and we hugged and cried together for a brief moment.  A moment that was so long awaited for, yet so distant in my mind, too.  I had thought so much of her and was never able to discuss the events that had taken place with her and to finally get that chance was almost like the last missing link to my puzzle.  She was so happy to see me there under the circumstances (being pregnant) yet the tragedy was so fresh for both of us.  I am not sure I will go back, but if I have to....I will.   My Abq appointments continue next week and this pregnancy just keeps moving along, fairly uneventful and peaceful.  This is a picture at 31 weeks with Reese after his Christmas Program.  He loved taking pictures with me during Chase's pregnancy--always had to put his hand on my tummy.  So, so precious.


  1. I know that feeling you had.. to go back.. I'm dreading my day back... I have not been yet but will in another month. Glad you did it and it was uneventful and then full of a good surprise with lots of hair - You look beautiful momma... Sweet family.

  2. Hello sweet Christy. I wanted to take a moment to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for al of your beautiful writings to me. I sincerely apologize for not sending this to you sooner, but I hope you will see this today. I am still in such a strange and unfamiliar place right now, and it such a comfort to have the support and guidance of mothers like yourself who are further out on this path, who also have living children, and who have succeeded with a subsequent pregnancy. I hope to be there soon, and I am grateful to have you as guide.
    Your pictures are beautiful- I love how Reese has his hand on your belly.. such a precious boy!

  3. Things are hectic here too! Crazy, crazy!! I'm glad you got to meet the nurse who was there with you with Chase. I'm sure it was emotional like you said! Praying for everything to continue going smoothly!