Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mean People suck

I am a stay at home mom and I help my husband put on a big motorcycle event every May and an even bigger one every September. He promotes, organizes, markets and does everything to put this event on and I help in a very limited capacity--mostly at the time of the event and the few weeks prior. My vent today, at this particular moment, is that I just don't get people. Since becoming a stay-at-home mom, I have really lived in la-la land and I wish I could do that during these few weeks that I help my husband...but I can't. People are people and I just don't get how it pays to be nasty. I try to teach my girls how to deal with people, how kids can be mean, but if you are nice, they might not be. I tell them, give people (other kids) one chance to be nice, maybe 2 chances if you can stand it but after that, don't let them be mean to you....and walk away. Remove yourself from the situation. Well, this is a lifelong lesson. People DON'T change. And I'd like to rephrase that...some people NEVER GROW UP. How does it pay to be mean? I realize in the business world, you might have to. But as a consumer, unless your life or health is at stake, how does it pay to be mean?
If I don't understand something, anything, I have always tried to simplify. Take away the cloudiness, make it clearer. And since I lost Chase, I really live my life this way. But i just don't get it.
A few minutes ago I had a group of people walk in to my counter and want to come in to our event. My station is not for that; you have to go to another station to pay and enter. They were put off. Completely. Put. Off. It is a beautiful sun-shiny day, the first we have had in about 6 days, and they had to leave my station, walk outside around the building to the front to pay. All six of them made it a point to tell me how ridiculous it was they had come to my station and had to go somewhere else to get into the event. Two of them told me how complety awful this thing was organized and that we run this event terribly and we should have signs up telling them where to go.
Hmph. I was speechless. I just smiled at them as they left my station muttering disgust.
Nevermind the THOUSANDS of people that have been coming to our event all week who SAW our signs and knew EXACTLY where to go to pay. Out of probably 1000 people who had come to my station this week, they were the ONLY people to tell me this.
Why did he say that to me? Why did he feel like he needed to make me feel awful? I don't get it? Was it so awful to walk about 50 steps outside in the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS sunshine to go where he was supposed to? I just don't get people.
Like I said, I know I live in la-la land when I hope and wish that people were nice. I just would never even THINK of saying something to someone like that....especially with the specific intent to try to hurt them or make them feel bad. Again...I just. Don't. Get it.
This isn't a perfect world, we don't run a perfect event, we can't control the weather, so yes, there were other complaints and other people that yelled at me or lied to me or challenged me about something this week. But these people, I just didn't know what to say to them. "Look here, read this SIGN." "Ten THOUSAND people came in before you and found where THEY needed to go." or "You are a fricking idiot and I'm not going to apologize for that." But I said nothing. I smiled and they walked away. And I thought of my baby boy. Chase wouldn't want his momma to be upset about this. And I closed my eyes and gave him a big squeeze. Just what I needed. Almost.


  1. I'll give you a squeeze too ((HUGS))

  2. Thanks, Debby. I changed the title (you got to this before I did!) from People suck to Mean people suck because there are people, like yourself, who are nice. There are a lot of people who are nice. I just don't understand those who are not. Even in my grief, sadness, anger, frustration, I don't go out to be or say mean things to people. I don't think I do, anyway. I hope I don't.
    Thanks for the hugs.

  3. People just don't get it. They don't get that life is fragile and every moment counts. They are angry about something else, and decided to take it out on you. The only person they saw at that moment, maybe the only one who looked innocent enough to not say anything back. Kill them with kindness, they looked like the idiots. And really, if the event sucked that bad (which i'm sure it didn't), they why did they even come? Why bother?

    Bah to them. *hugs* to you.

  4. What a lovely thing to do to lift your spirits...give your sweet Chase a big squeeze. I think I will have to try that next time. I am sorry you encountered these people, but please try not to let it ruin your event. xx

  5. Mean people do suck...errrrr... Try not to let them get to you! (sigh)

  6. Mean people DO suck...I'm sorry you had to deal with them.

    Once again.. YOU. AMAZE. me. I cannot describe how much I love you or what an inspiration YOU are to me. I know Chase felt that sqeeze...and he sent you one back. I'm sending you one too...miss you *tons*


  7. CJ-

    This is from your husband that loves you more then anything in this world and I am taking care of that person in my own way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i'm sorry, hon. it's amazing how the simple act of rudeness can so completely stop me in my tracks and really throw me. i have a lot of trouble getting over these mean moments. yuck.

  9. Christy-

    HA HA. Thank you for the Crisco tip. My cookies are the worst. My kids will laugh anytime I say I am going to make them. I try but?? I will try Crisco next time! I feel bad it took me so long to get that blog done. I sit down to write but inevitably one of the boys needs something or I have to run them somewhere. It takes me weeks sometimes just to get one blog finished. Sad.
    I love reading your blog. I am here if you ever need a shoulder
    Have a beautiful first day of fall!!