Thursday, January 15, 2009

Perfect Kids?

I had a blast hanging out with my kids yesterday. They had a ball and I think I have learned nearly all the tricks of the trade (until my kids humble me again soon....). We went to Cruces yesterday for dentist appointment and Sears pictures, not in that order. I started stressing about all this the night before as they were not getting in bed early enough....we had to get up real early to fix hair....yada, yada, yada. They could have cared less. We got out of the house 20 minutes late (ONLY 20 MINUTES!!!) and made it in plenty of time, even a little school work on the way.

Pictures were first. I bought a Starbucks for them right before we went in and everyone was happy. And by that, I mean in a good mood. Smiles and all. It only two a couple snapshots and all three have them were magically transported to a make-believe real-live hollywood photo shoot. All I did was tuck in shirts a couple times and move a few whisps of hair, and other than that, I may as well not even been there. They all, and especially Karly, could have taken 200 more pictures and then some. Some pictures were self-posed, others carefully orchestrated. Most important, it was my first time since Emma was an infant (when we went for pictures every month!) that we didn't have a meltdown at the photo studio!!! All in all, they had fun, I had fun watching them and it was time to head off to the dentist.

The dentist was uneventful, thank goodness. Karly is excited to have a couple loose teeth. We ran a few errands, took our time in Barnes & Noble and got home by dark. A fun day. Emma & I had some great conversations, grown-up talk and Karly & Reese entertained us. I am very blessed, as I have said, and I sometimes wish I could stop time. I know when Karly does finally lose her teeth, she'll never look the same. They are growing up and time just keeps going faster and faster. I hope they remember these times, though. And maybe that they are as important to them one day as they are me. I can't think of anyone or any way I would have rather spent the day. Now I have to go because they are running around the house screaming at each other, haven't had breakfast yet and it's time for school. I'm ready to ring some necks....(thanks for that cliche mom).

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  1. Wonderful pics and post. Starbucks? My owe my. Gavin has never even set foot into one! I am so old school.