Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, I was busy this weekend. But we got a lot accomplished. Thanks to the help of my wonderful husband, I was able to get our bedroom cleaned immaculately (by my standards--we vacuumed under the bed and dressers even--that's pretty incredible for me) and prepared for baby. This is the most "nesting" I've done out of all my pregnancies I think. I have a completely different perspective this time around and am almost more excited than the last 3 times because I feel very lucky. I have been so very excited ever since I made it past my first trimester yet still I have been reluctant in some ways to prepare and "celebrate" the upcoming events. I guess it's away of protecting myself but the closer my due date gets, the more my wall is torn down. And it is fun! Reese was a part of the entire crib assembly and is very excited to bring a baby home. Even if it is a girl! (which "we don't need", according to him) Speaking of crib assembly, I've put together and taken down that thing by myself at least 3 times (probably more with our moves) but having all the extra help of my husband this time, it was like we had never done it before. The instructions were in a different language I guess becuase we struggled.....but in the end, it all worked out. I had wanted to paint the crib & changing table/hutch black and then distress it. After looking at this project closely, though, I'm not sure I could have tackled this task. Unless we can find osmeone else to do it for us (for less than the original cost of the furniture!) it looks like it'll stay honey brown. That's okay. This set has seen a lot of mileage and a lot of babytime. A lot of history, I guess you could say. Maybe the kids will paint it some day....who knows.

Anyway, I'm 13 weeks away from delivery and counting. Dr. Harkins says the baby is big so maybe will go early. Things are going very well and I feel pretty good. I wish I could share the experience with my sisters and my mom more in person but that's just not possible. I know at least one of them will give me a hard time about the oversized wedding picture above the crib, but I'd take it all just to be able to share.... However, photos, videos and phone calls will have to suffice until we get reunited this spring probably.

We are headed to a big swim meet this weekend and I'll be back to update you on the outcome. Emma has some big goals she's trying to achieve--and Karly, too. And Reese will be there to cheer them on! Here's to a great week!

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