Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Invincible or Invisible?

Where does time go? It's middle of the week already, that means I get to round up to "29 weeks pretty much". Really I'm on the 28th week so that means I'm really only 27 weeks along. Technicalities only a pregnant woman would worry about.....

Anyway, we had a great weekend in Las Cruces. The girls had another swim meet and we got to get off the mountain for two whole days, hang out with G & Pop and do a few things we just don't get to do in our "mountain town". Emma had a few tears of disappointment on Saturday (I know, she's only 8) but made up for it on Sunday with another qualifying time, this time the 100 Back. The whole team did a terriffic job and represent Ruidoso so well. This is really a neat opportunity to be a part of and very exciting to watch. Karly made a big splash on Saturday and did okay, but was so proud to win her heat on Sunday in the 50 freestyle. A perfect turn, to boot--another swimmer on our hands!

Ahhh, Ruidoso... I had an appointment with Dr. Harkins, which went great. I saw some of the neatest pictures ever on the sonogram. I saw detail that either I never interpreted before or being the self-acclaimed "expert" now, I see much more clearly! Cheeks, chin, lips.....all to melt a mother's heart. My excitement just keeps growing....pardon the pun. We pray each day for a healthy growing baby--boy OR girl!

Oh, the answer to my post is Invisible, by the way. Props to all those stay at home moms that work so hard every day to keep their families running with little or no gratitude, intentional or unintentional as it may be. My wonderful husband finished working late tonight and shut off all the lights in the house totally unaware that I was in the middle of several household duties at the time. A big deal? No. A clear message? Yep. Not to be taken personal, I know, but being the state that I am, I get the privelege to be a little extra sensitive. Though, it seems, a mother's/wife's work is never done, regardless if the lights go out.

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  1. So glad you are feeling well and enjoying the preparations for baby. Tell the girls "way to kick butt." The Collins