Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School

Well, all things considered, and maybe my new year's resolution of having more patience during school is helping, today actually went pretty smooth. Hoping to get done by noon, we finished about 1:30 or so but got everything done we needed to and I felt the girls were pretty much immediately back on track without skipping a beat. I think Karly forgot to be her usual pain in the butt self during school and her personality was, for the most part, very easy today. No real obvious defiances. She got a little tired but stayed on task very well considering the break and remembered where we left off. The break definitely helped her out. Emma, as usual, did very well. Struggling with place value a little bit, but she's such a smart kid. Every teacher's dream. I only hope and pray that I am not inhibiting or, should I say, holding her back by not doing what she needs to keep her creativity. She loves to read and she's a great writer but she isn't as long-winded as she used to be when we first started. That's pretty easy to work on, as long as she's interested. Of course Reese had to participate, too, since I wouldn't let him watch Cars. He worked on his school books, played blocks and worked with Karly on fractions, answering questions as he saw fit. We actually got to Science today and they all enjoyed that.

Not a bad day. I actually got in the shower by 4:30pm, quick workout as the kids went to swim. I have a phone interview tomorrow to start back working and am anticipating a job soon. Unless I mistakenly let my apprehension show through for this job, I passed all the tests so far and things look good. I'm just not excited about it. I will definitely like the money, I just wish I could make it doing something else. Who knows, maybe having some of this under my belt this time will make the job easier this time around. I'll hope for the best!

I spent wayyyyy too much time uploading pictures for my slideshow today. Time I could have used uploading them for my photoalbum I'm making on snapfish. So please humor me and take a peak. There are some that poor Reese will sue me for posting when he gets older. But as a mom, how can I help myself. Enjoy.

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