Thursday, August 11, 2011

Half birthday, milestones and never say never

A few pictures of Owen...

Sitting up...for a few seconds, anyway.

Sucking my thumb.

My half birthday today! 
And the never say never part.  Tonight, with very little time and effort, I turned this.....
into this! 
Sweet potatoes and pears here....also apples, bananas and squash so far!
I never thought I'd be making baby food on my own.  I would have loved to, but didn't expect to ever have the time with my busy life and chaos.  I just "knew" it was a lot of work.  But after stumbling upon an article about making your own baby food and, what caught my eye, adding spices to it, I decided to ask my sister for her babycook processer.   And let's face it, baby food is not cheap.  I was shocked from when I bought baby food last how much the price has gone up.  Anyway, it was amazingly easy, pretty quick, and a great feeling to do this.  I just hope Owen thinks so, too.  We'll find out tomorrow if he likes it.  If so, I have some fun surprises for him!


  1. awwww! LOVE the pics ~ he is growing SO fast ~ WOW!! Send me a copy of the last one...I NEED that one! I miss you! (Glad you're finally closer, though!)


  2. He is just beautiful! Love you all!!!

  3. He is so, so adorable!! I love making baby food!

  4. He has grown so much! What a cute lil guy!

    I like making my own food too.