Sunday, November 4, 2012


We had an awesome Halloween.  It was so much fun with Owen at this age.  He looked so cute in his little zebra costume and by the end of the night had mastered "Tik-oooh-teet!", "Tankoo", and "Happy-ween!"  He tried to keep up with big sis and big bro and this resulted in a spill right before we got back to the house so we had a nice mark on the side of his head from falling on a step, but thanks to the large mounds of candy everywhere, he soon forgot about it.  Reese and Kar felt much more comfortable this year in our neighborhood and it was fun to take them to so many different houses and meet so many nice people that really enjoyed seeing the kids come to their door.  The zig-zagged down the street and made out like banshees.  (word?)  Emma stayed home to hand out candy in her cool Katniss costume until we got home and told her she had to go check out the haunted garage decorations down the street. Her and Patric thought they were pretty cool.

When the night was done I hated taking Owen's zebra costume off.  He loved it and I can't say enough about how cute it was.  I remember Reese wearing it but he didn't enjoy it near as much as Owen did and we didn't trick-or-treat much where we used to live.  I never got to see Chase in the zebra outfit so I really relished every minute of this evening.   And to have it all be sad.  I'm glad it was so much fun.  It is a memory we will cherish forever.  

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