Friday, September 14, 2012


It's a big day for us.  Patric and I are working--busiest weekend of the year for us.  We left the three older ones behind and brought Owen and I know Chase is here with us, too.  And it's tough.  Every year we have had done this, by Wednesday of this week, our family is tired.  Tired of being apart.  It's taxing on us, every year.  And only the last two years have actually been so much apart that we've been in different states.  Before that, we were apart being us at work and them at the house just minutes away.  Didn't matter.  It was still apart and they were ready, as were we, for this week to be over and get back to our normal regimen.  So being in different states makes it especially hard.   Three more days and we get a little bit of it back...then another day and we've got it.  But I miss 'em.  So bad.  I have had the extreme blessing of always being home with my kids, just as they have been extremely blessed to stay home with me so we've been lucky.  I know that.

But it doesn't mean the emotions are not running high.  And then sister drama on top of it.  Not the time to get into it.  I just want my kids back.  I want them in my arms.  I feel like a mama bear who can't get to her cubs and I want to cry out.  I don't need to fight.  I just want 'em back.  I just wish I could get my sweet boy back that easy, too.

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