Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy 2.5 years and Happy 8 months and Pregnancy & Infant Loss Day

Owen was 8 months this week....Chase would have been 2 1/2.  I can't imagine what this household would be like with both of them raising cain......but I want to know so badly.  I would give anything for the chaos....and the happiness and joy.  We think about it all the time.  We also think about so many babies that left this earth too soon.  And all the mommies and daddies and big sisters and big brothers they left behind.  We are sending love and kisses...and lighting our candle tonight.  I love  you sweet Chase.  I miss you so much little buddy.  I can't wait to see you again one day.


  1. Missing Chase with you.. and sending Owen and his siblings a big hug. Love and light mamma....

  2. Remembering sweet Chase and wishing he were here with you. I well know how the Rainbow babes can bring a smile to your heart. Owen is such a doll! I love the picture on your previous post of the brothers. xoxo

  3. Missing Chase with you!!! Owen is a cutie!!