Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Move

We are all still adjusting to this move.  The summer has been crazy with where we have been and what we've been doing.  The kids played softball and baseball in my sister's town.  We had 7 kids on 5 different teams between the two of us. The initial plan was that I was going to be staying with her for a good portion of the summer but as it turned out we moved into our house quicker than we anticipated.  This meant that my dear sis had to shuffle kids to and from practice and games all by her lonesome, for the most part.  I knew it would be a lot to handle with her and I keeping up with 5 different practice schedules and game schedules--I don't know how she did her just herself.  And then to not get to spend the sister time that we had planned and hoped for on top of it all.  Instead I was moving, finding schools, swim teams, gymnastics teams, activities for the boys and things for all of us to do together.  And of course shopping.  

That was the month of June.  Now it's July and we've been settling in, though Patric's traveling back and forth to Ruidoso a lot, as we had planned.  It sucks, though.  The kids always asking when daddy's coming home and Patric having to be alone each nite (in the peace and quiet and solitude--in my perspective) while we are all here together (not getting any sleep because the sun rises sooo much earlier here and when you're the only one getting up with the baby at night, cuts in on your rest!).  And what I realize's not just us as parents that have been going through a huge change this summer.  We have business opportunities and changes going on on top of it all and a lot to get used to.  But also the kids have their side of all of this.  I realize that they are going through just as big of a move....and they're just kids.  A lot for them to handle.  Leaving behind close friends and a whole bunch of (boredom) familiarity.  It's hard on them, too.  As excited as they have been to meet new friends, they are just as scared, too.  I hate that.  But I tell them that this adjustment period they are going through right now will help them later in life be more adaptable to big changes in their life.  Maybe roll with the punches a little better?  I hope so.   I never expected it would be smooth as silk this summer.....but sometimes it's hard to keep looking forward when all you want to do is look over your shoulder.  A chapter in not just mine and Patric's lives is closing, but in our kids' too.  We are all starting over.  And we are bringing Chase with us---he's on every page of this book.  But as with many things in life, time has so much to do with it.  Just getting past this and getting into our new groove--and I never want to wish time away--but it's how it works.  We'll get there--just hopefully not too quickly and without smelling the roses along the way.  

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  1. I can't even imagine moving my family during this season of life although "starting over" is VERY tempting and escaping family would be a huge relief.

    I know that you have talked about this for a while and I hope that this change brings healing and peace. I also hope that life settles down before this Summer is over and you can enjoy some of it.


    ps- it's not letting me post as "google" so I'm posting as anonymous.