Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Real

I just want to start out by saying I spent some time over at The Gypsy Mama earlier this week and was lucky enough to read this post.  It was like getting that extra shot when you really need it--like the raise at Christmas time, the compliment when you are feeling ugly, the salty after you've eaten the sweet, the cheer when you are finishing the race.  I bookmarked go back to when I need that again.  

I'm going to do 5 Minute Friday again...missed last week and I wish I hadn't.  I still want to go back and do that one some time.  Here goes my unedited, raw feeling fun this week (btw, my 5 minutes doesn't include the 15 it took to find and choose a photo!):


Sometimes balloons really do reach heaven.

Love.  Human error.  Forgiveness.  Not perfect. These are all real to me.    

The soft skin of my baby's little feet.  Running around the house.  Pitter patter like music to my ears.

Puberty.  My oldest is growing up.  We have adult like conversations.   The looks she gives me.  The knowing looks.

Hormones.  My second oldest is moody.  Just like I was.  And am.

Pure.  My boy--just turned 7.  Not a baby anymore.  Loves me and the only one in the family who doesn't like to upset me.  He really regrets it if he does anyway.  

Family--my sister won't talk to me.  Do we get to an age where our sisters are secondary?  When our kids are old enough to have those adult conversations, do we not need our sisters anymore?  Or does it just take more work?

Future--worrying about what lies ahead.  Is it worth it?  I'm nearly 40 and really I just go with the flow.  Truly.

Questions.  You have to ask them to figure out what is real.  Evaluate.  

Blue skies.  Sound of the lawnmower.  Images of summer in my head.  Picnics with Patric and the kids.  Butterflies.  Clouds.  REAL.


Okay, that is much harder than you think.  I'm not very good at this activity yet, but i figure practice will only help.  I'm learning to think about it before I actually start typing.  Maybe that's not how best to do it but I'll try anyway.  I just love topics to make you think and that don't give you any borders or guidelines. It's kinda like life.  It's overwhelming what there is you can think about and write about.  But you have to pick something and go with it.  Or just let it flow from your fingers and wing it!  Now off to read someone else's post! 


  1. I love your style. Simple and raw but through it all real life teaches us deeper love. Hard. But real.

    My kids and I are enjoying the music. :)

    I'm glad you spent that extra time to find the picture. It's really cool. I always spend more time on pics too!

  2. I think you did a fine job! Thanks for sharing what's real in your life. I can relate to the seven year old, mine's a girl. My son is 10 and we just started with the eye rolling.

    Gray skies, grass wet from rain, quiet…my real right now.

    A Heartening Life

  3. DANG girl, you made my week (and boy, it has been a roller coaster!) - so had to stop in to 'meet' you! Due to a dying router I've got slow internet today so was only able to peek around a bit. Had to tell you, you're fantastic, you are healing, you're living, you're loving, you're loved, not to mention heaven-bound. Mission accomplished!

    You're profile photo is great, looks like a point I pass when I drive from Phoenix to visit my mom in central CO. Beautiful. AND, you're in NM? Woo hoo! Neighbors!!!