Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Cherished" from Midnight Orange

A year and a half ago I came upon Midnight Orange from my fellow BLM circle and found her sculptures so very touching.  I knew I wanted to order something from her....I just didn't know what exactly.  Then she went in a hiatus from etsy for a while and I kept in touch with her and told her I wanted one some day.  I just didn't know which one and when I would decide.  She emailed me back and said that was okay--just let her know when I was ready.

When I brought home Owen I went through so many emotions with having him in my arms and loving him so much....yet missing Chase so badly.  I had such a strong conflict in my heart and I thought of D Antonia and knew that this was the strongest emotion I had so far on this journey I am on and I wanted a piece to reflect this.  I found her on facebook and started working with her.  She sent me a couple links to see which one I connected with most and I was so touched.  The emotion I felt when I saw what she created just poured out.  D Antonia is so sweet and wonderful.  I received her box last week and opened it to find this.  

I put her on my collage box from Francesca to take this picture.  I ordered the box from her a coupe weeks and it took my breath away when I opened it.  Both pieces are so very dear to me.  A reminder of these friends I have met because of Chase.  And each tells a story to me.  Of what I have endured.  Where I came from and where I am headed.  And I think it is all going to be okay.  My broken heart has a beautiful bandaid on it.  And I am forever grateful for this.


  1. what a lovely piece. Love the colors.

  2. Oh Christy this is just beautiful.. it brings tears to my eyes. I love her work and she was so very kind to me when I worked with her months ago on my necklace. Thank you for sharing this and thr thoughts that come with it.. it gives me hope.

  3. She did a beautiful job on it!! I love it.

  4. thank you so much for sharing my work and for allowing me the absolute honor of having created this piece for you. i cannot tell you how touching it is to come here and read this, and then look at the comments and see three other mommas who i've worked with as well. you've all given me such a gift by sharing your children with me.

    leslie, i cannot tell you how many times i have thought of you and Cullen. i hope your journey has some light breaking through the clouds. much love to you.

    thank you again christy, i am so touched.
    D. Antonia

  5. I am sorry for your loss and happy for your joy also. Dana's work is beyond words but you expressed it elegantly and truthfully! Totally agree with you!