Monday, February 23, 2009

Pedicure Time!

A little R&R this weekend and Reese begging to do pedicures at home. Karly was so kind to let him paint her toes with the caveat that mom would "redo" them when he was finished (although Reese was unaware of this). Click on photo to see detail!

Emma's birthdya also this weekend and she had a fun day with the family. We cooked out with her grandparents and then went cosmic bowling. Dad beat her only on the last round when he got a spare and an extra bowl. Also note, dad used bumpers. And tried hard.

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  1. Chris Pearson! Why didn't you let us know you had a blog? How cool is that? Look forward to catching up with all the Pearson news that is fit to print. Thanks for your comment on Laura's blog. Love you guys...well, except for my mean cousin. :)